Million-Dollar Expert 2-Day Event…
Attention: Coaches, Authors, Experts, Speakers, Consultants and Business Owners.

Turn your Knowledge and Expertise Into a Million Dollar a Year Business.
Attention: Coaches, Authors, Experts, Speakers, Consultants and Business Owners.

Turn your Knowledge and Expertise Into a Million Dollar a Year Business.
Living The Dream University
Living The Dream University
 Discover the ultimate game plans and that is to wake up every morning and live the dream. Follow this formula and never work again. In the trainings you’ll discover exactly how you can set up your a lifestyle to finally do what you and get payed for it. 

How to Achieve Your Greatness 
Your life matters, You’re story can inspire. You can change the world. In the trainings you’ll discovers the seeds of greatest. Where it comes from, how you nurture in and how you use it to accelerate your own greatness. The world is waiting for you to show up. 

The Millionaires Club 
Millionaires are not created they are made. Discover how anyone can achieve success if they follow these 21 rules and laws of wealth and abundance. You’ll discover the secrets of how to set up a foundation that gets results. Over and over again. 
From the desk of Pat Mesiti
Queensland, Australia
Dear friend,

If you’d like to know how I became the author of 9 best selling books and if you want to know how to take your life experience and knowledge and translate it into a recurring income producing asset, then read carefully every word on this page.

In other words, if you’d like to know how to monetize what you know, how you really build a business empire as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, consultant, expert, online marketer or just a person who makes a difference in the world with what you know this is going to be among the most interesting videos you come across.

Well I can share you this: it’s never been a better time than right now to share your knowledge and your message with millions of people and get paid handsomely for it.

The information marketing industry is now worth $50 billion.

You’ve probably already seen how people are monetizing their message through bestselling books, through audio programs, through DVDs, through courses, through online courses, podcasts, websites, social media, through seminars and webinars.

How are they all doing that?

How do these business models really work?

Well in this brand new 2-Day LIVE training event I’ve created for you, titled “Million Dollar Expert” I’m going to share everything I know on how you can monetize your passion, knowledge, expertise and experience and reach millions of people thanks to what you know.

In other words, how to get a slice of this $50 billion dollar industry, no matter where you are right now in your life and regardless of where your business is at right now.

As you may already know, I started from nothing. I was raised by 2 violent alcoholic parents, I worked as a youth leader on $70 a week, and to make ends meet, I worked in a fruit market packing boxes and lived in a caravan in my mother-in-law’s drive way.

It’s only after attending a seminar that my life completely changed. An expert shared a message I’ll never forget, on what makes the great, great.

So one day I decided to write a book on what I knew, and the experiences I had gathered over the years and things just went from strength to strength. These days my company generates over 3 million dollars a year and I have multiple streams of cash flow coming in from my knowledge and experience.

In fact, I even generated 2.1 million in 90 minutes using this system. How do I do it? How do the greatest names in the industry do it? That’s what I’ll share with you at the upcoming “Million Dollar Expert” seminar in a city near you.
I’ve been blessed to share the stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson, Jim Rohn, Donald Trump, Dr John Demartiniti and Zig Ziglar just to name a few.

I’m the author of 9 best selling books, such as “Pathway to Prosperity” and “How To Have A Million Dollar Mindset” which have sold in excess of 700,000 copies worldwide and my products have sold over 2 million copies internationally.

My knowledge has been published in newspapers and magazines around the world. I’ve spoken in front of millions of people in over 39 countries.

My appearance on many television programs have seen me televised into 14 million homes.

And the achievement I’m the proudest is that I’ve raised over a million dollars for charity.

How did I achieve all that in such a short period of time? Well, at the “Million Dollar Expert 2-Day Live Event” in a city near you, I’ll share you the proven step-by-step system.

I think I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge and experience that could help you scale your business to a level you never thought possible.

Here’s just a fraction
 of what you’ll discover:
  • How to build a huge, highly engaged audience to share your passion and expertise with, without ever having to desperately chase business cards and opportunities
  • How to ignite a movement by producing content that people are drawn towards, have an emotional connection to, and are passionate about.
  • ​A proven way to get prospects practically beg to buy from you without using any cliché, pushy sales techniques
  • ​The absolute fastest and easiest way to get high paying clients who love you and rave about you
  • ​How to tell your story in a way that creates a passionate, loyal customer base, because a great product is no longer enough
  • ​How to take your bootstrapped business and put it on steroids so you never have to worry again about where your next customer is going to come from
  • ​How I made 5.8 million dollars in 4 weeks and the secrets to follow to potentially achieve the same
  • ​How to become a highly sought after speaker and make millions of dollars while travelling the world
  • ​How to get a million dollars worth of free publicity, and become a celebrity in your industry without even trying
  • ​How I sold over 700,000 copies of my books and so could you
  • ​How to get your knowledge into a book that flies off shelves worldwide
  • ​How to become a highly sought-after speaker even if you have a fear of speaking
  • ​and Much Much More!
This is the kind of information I wish I had when I first started my journey.

It would have saved me countless of years, learning, and testing the very principles that you’ll discover at this event.

Could you imagine the amount of time, effort, and money it would cost you to learn these strategies yourself?

This truly is the BIGGEST EDGE and UNFAIR ADVANTAGE you could EVER receive to propel your business and life into the next level of heights.

I know this training will be life changing for you, but don’t take my word for it.

What our clients say:
Glenn Twiddle
As a result of following Pat Mesiti, I’ve generated millions of dollars, and more importantly, I got to work and socialize with my childhood hero Arnold Schwarzenegger and have been able to collaborate with Sir Richard Branson!

Nick Kirtley
As a resulted of implementing Pat’s teachings, I established my own Property Investment Coaching business. Today the business is on track to coaching over 400 students this year. Pat’s mentorship, was an instrumental part of this success. Without it, many doors of opportunity would never have opened and I never would have seen my full potential as clearly as I do today.

Sharon Jurd
Thanks to Pat Mesiti and by implementing his principles, I was able to generate $250,000 for my consulting business in a single weekend!

So if you finally want to generate the wealth you’ve always wanted, have the time to do what you really want to do, when you want to, have the freedom to make choices, achieve financial freedom and live life on your terms while helping people…

And if you’ve been paying too much for your business, trying everything possible to run it in a more rewarding way, attempting to safeguard your future against financial struggle or hardship, this event is what you’ve been looking for.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out!
I have to be honest with you… This is not for everybody.

If you’re the kind of person that wants everything on a silver platter, blames the entire world for their misfortune, and thinks that success is achieved only by positive thinking and hanging up wall charts of pretty pictures and affirmations…
Then no, this event is NOT for you!
If you’re not prepared to make any changes in your life and business or do any work after the event to improve your current situation…
Then please DO NOT REGISTER!
If you don’t truly believe that success is possible AND actually achievable for you in the next few short years (or sooner depending on your goal), then no event can or ever will; change that, so please leave a seat for somebody else.
If you are the type of person who has passion, knowledge, expertise or a specific skill and is willing to discover what is possible…
Then YES, you’ll love what this event is about.
If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, expert, small business owner, author or you have knowledge and expertise that can help people and would like to know how to effortlessly sell thousands of products without having to become a salesman and would like to reach millions of people worldwide with your message.
Then definitely make sure you’re there.
If you’re prepared to do what it takes to apply the principles and methods used by the world’s highest achievers
Then YES, this will be a walk in the park for you.
If you’ve tried everything possible and continue to look for ways to become a highly sought after person, be paid what you’re truly worth, become the go-to person in your industry, and have the determination to succeed…
Then YES, you’re going to absolutely be thrilled by attending this event.
You might be wondering at this stage how much this training is going to cost.
Look, clients pay me up to $50,000 to go through this system with them. That’s how powerful this system is. And in my online training programs, I charge a minimum of $3,000.
But I’ve put this event together because I know there are experts, coaches, authors, trainers, consultants who can truly make an impact in the world and help people but they don’t know how to do it.
So here’s what I’ve decided. I want to make it easy for anyone to attend, and remove price as a barrier.
So I’m inviting YOU to attend this ‘cutting edge’ Million Dollar Expert 2-Day LIVE training for FREE!
Don’t take it for granted, you see… This training is normally valued at $3,000, but yours for FREE if you act fast.
Why am I doing this? Because I’m always looking for experts to speak on my stage and work with. Plus, I’m always inundated by messages from colleagues and peers, asking me to put them in touch with experts I know so they can promote them or partner with them.
Anyway – with all of that said, this is a limited offer.
I’m closing the doors after 100 people register – otherwise we’ll have a logistical nightmare on our hands, and I can’t devote the appropriate attention that I need to to every participant.
Melbourne, VIC
Pullman On The Park
192 Wellington Parade
Melbourne VIC 3002
Saturday August 31st - September 1st
Sydney, NSW
Novotel Sydney Central
169-179 Thomas St
Sydney NSW 2000
Saturday September 7th - Sunday September 8th
Surfers Paradise, QLD
SkyPoint Q1 Building
9 Hamilton Ave
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Saturday September 14th - Sunday September 15th
This will take you straight to the registration page and upon completion, we will automatically reserve your spot.

You’ll then be sent your confirmation details by email.

Look, I can’t guarantee I’ll run another training like this one. I’ve never offered so much value or access to me like I am at Million Dollar Expert in the past…this is your moment.

Here’s something else to consider…

Don’t let your unlimited potential die inside of you and don’t stop your business reach the heights it should reach.

If you spend just 2 days with me, you’ll have the chance to make a massive difference in your business, life and future.

Give yourself full permission to completely transform how you run your business and life.

Simply click the “secure my seat” button to reserve your spot to Million Dollar Expert 2-Day Training and let this life-changing event do the rest.
All inclusive ticket
  • Living The Dream University
  • How to Achieve Your Greatness 
  • The Millionaires Club 
  • 2 Packed Days of Knowledge
  • Share The Room With An Inspired Group Entrepreneurs
  • Learn The Secrets From Multi-Million Dollar Earners
  • Everything You Will Need To Put Your Business On Steroids
  • The Next BIG Strategies That Will Take You To The Next Level
  • And Opportunities To Collaborate With Successful Business Owners.
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